Dayton/Xenia Hamvention of 2018


They put paths or roads down this year that helped with keeping the mud down

Today at Dayton/Xenia we did manage to have a weather window or several small windows between what was a downpour starting around eleven that was coming and going throughout the day. But the weather was better than the predicted all day rain that was forecasted. temperature was in the high sixties and low seventies.

Did not create a detailed list of prices and equipment and will try to just publish the information on some of the highlights. I saw several PRC-25 and 77 sets at least three different vendors ranging from $300 to $700 per set, lot of accessories for the same. PRC-47 sets were there also with a pair of beautiful forty sevens selling for $400 with all the accessories including antennas, legs and everything else you can want for that set. PRC-47 to N connector adapters was available for $40 each.

Not too much available in the WW2 category, only saw one BC-348 and a couple hacked over ART-13 transceivers along with some ground radio stuff like BC-342 receivers and TRC-1stuff. Did see a lot of WW2 telephone switch boards, like three of them with one being only $100 and just one ARC-5 transmitter that was unmodified that I bought for $30, real lack of ARC-5 stuff these days. Saw a SRR-13 with a striped SRR-11 chassis for $100 and PRC-515 in the $2,200 range and a URC-101with vehicle mount and high power amplifier for $1,200, rolls of field wire for $45 and assorted RT-67/68 sets that I did not ask.

As far as selling goes did sell all three R-390A receivers along with the other stuff I brought with me so have to say that if you are marking your stuff to sell it will sell and picked up a real interesting British WW2 receiver for under $100 so sales were going on despite the weather so let's see what will be going on tomorrow. I do have to say that without exception prices were around half or less of what things sell for at Fair radio so that's something to consider.


Today started with scattered clouds and no rain but by ten or so the rains came. Same amount of sellers as yesterday with around twenty percent of the spaces empty hard to tell if it was weather related or just low attendance. Going to assume that about twenty percent of all the sellers in the flea market are selling vacuum tube technology and of that group maybe a good third are selling Military technology and maybe about a half dozen selling just military radio equipment.

Saw everything else just about the same as yesterday and will mention that there was a handful of SP-600, HRO receivers but mostly all consumer versions and not M series and three SX-28 receivers. Did see a couple SX-28 receivers along with things like a TCS set up for under $100

The 3885 Net had around fifteen check-ins running radios like the BC-611 and my DAV to fairly modern backpacks and the 18.157.5 pack net around the same numbers. The 51.0 FM Cold War Net had around thirty check-ins with a ton of PRC-68 users.

Somehow my call got dropped from both Nets and was able to jump in on the AM net but the Cold War Net was canceled early by the threat of rain and lightning.



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Oct 18