MRCA\ Gilbert  Red Ball 2016 Pictures

If you were not there , you missed out.



MRCA Displays in the Howell Building.


The Frequency Measurement display along with the identify the mystery carrier contest

My M151A1 along with the 30 to 70 MHz Log Periodic that provided solid simplex communications between MRCA base and the remote squads all the way out to Pens Peek, about a twenty mile distance. The track drove by around every fifteen minutes or so. the Red Ball people do plenty of rides in all forms of vehicles from tracks, APC to vintage WW2 trucks.


Show and tell, always popular.

Mr. Smith (K4CHE) The Big Winner of the identify the mystery carrier being off only by a matter of cycles. sorry for not having a front shot but you do see his award winning BC-221

The M151 set up for Saturdays M&S Net, the push up mast supports a inverted V for 60 meters. The Howell building is in somewhat of a hole at the bottom of the fair grounds so with the AN/GRC-106 being mobile I drove up in front of the location of the vehicle show. had to keep a distance being that my Mutt is not a show vehicle but this was a good location for field operations.


Thanks to MRCA and Red Ball  for making this all possible. Already looking forward to next year!



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Sep 16