More Pictures of the WWFG/WOSC and WLBW site:

Working on the power supply for the WWFG HT-20 and have some new pictures to post of the combined Bishopville site.

One of the highlights of the site is the combining network

And the transfer switches, dummy loads and other plumbing

We were having problems with the primary feed to the HT-20 blowing 150 amp fuses, so did a series of test on the HV side of the power supply to see if we were having any problems.

Turns out that the plate contactor was welding itself closed and when we had a power interruption and the transmitter was in a off state the output of the supply was shorted to ground!


The pitted innards of the old contactor.

Some other pictures of the site including the termination of the new remote system, the front of the transmitters and stuff like that.


December 2009

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