Items for Trade or Sale:

   Here are some of the items I have up for trade or sale at this time.

Its important to remember that I do not do this as a business and that its a hobby and I am always more interested in trading then selling.

Digital PDP-11Computers and parts:

PDP-11/34A with M7859, M9302 and M8266/65 CPU set. Also includes slide rails for rack mount.

Mini Q Bus PDP-11/23 M8186 CPU, M8047 CA comm., two M8044 memory cards and power supply. just the thing if you don't want a rack full of junk!

RL-01 5 Mb and RL-02 10 Mb disk drives. I have parts units also.


Assorted Qbus and Unibus cards


PDP-11/35 Card Set, M7231, M7233, M7234 and M7235

Plessey Microsystems memory cards



Lots of bad memory cards, type M8044, M8631 usefull for parts.



I have lots of other military computer parts for systems from the seventies, eighties and nineties. let me know if your looking for something and I may have it


If you are interested in any of these items please email me and we can see what we can work out. Please remember that this is a hobby and not a business, any of these items may be withdrawn for personal use at any time.





Computers and components Wanted!

I am looking for and Rolm, Grid, Digital PDP series, American General and Nova systems.

RL-01 and RL-02 Disk packs, drive, communications or other cables along with terminators for use with RL series drives.



And I can always use more DEC PDP-11 stuff.



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Sep 18